Tips to successful winter events.

Winter events bring a variety of different obstacles, but with planning and knowledge you can throw a successful event in any conditions.

winter events pop up canopy


With the coming of winter, days get shorter and nights get longer. You will have to think of the material colour you use for your pop up tents and how this will affect your set up. Using black canopies will cause the interior of your set up to be dark, especially as the sun goes down, so you will need to be prepared with lighting. But then also if you have all white canopies your event could be blinding with all white material and the snow during the day, and either way if you are planning your event to go past dark you will need to be prepared to light the area up or people won’t stick around.

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We provide lighting options for both inflatable tents and pop up canopies with traditional and LED lighting that attaches to the interior roof so the party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down!


Heating is one of the most important factors in winter events. It’s one of the things that draws people into your set up, and probably one of the reasons they stay. If you coordinate your heating properly your crowd will stay till the end of your event, but if you make it to hot or not hot enough it can cause people to leave.

You will have to account for how much heat you will need to get your area the right temperature. But if you make the area too hot you will need to plan for a coat check or hanging options as people will want to delayer. Also ventilation will need to be considered so your canopies do not hold moisture and get humid.

Outdoor heaters will also need to be planned for if your event has outdoor access such as viewing areas for competitions at resorts or even smoking sections.

If you are looking to keep your 10×10 booth warm while you exhibit your product simple heaters with a 120 volt plug will be sufficient, but if you are looking to heat up an area 20×20 or larger, propane heaters can be used to make the area the appropriate temperature.

When ordering your pop up tent or inflatable spider tent if you let us know how you plan on heating your area we can plan to custom fit the walls to your heating.

winter events popup tentwinter events 20x20 canopy

Location and Positioning

This might be the most important factor for your winter events. If your heaters are not placing appropriately some people will be cold, if you’re lighting isn’t placed right some areas will be in the dark, or reflecting too strong and blinding some areas.

Also if you are setting up in winter conditions where weather can be unpredictable like ski resorts or near water your event tents, flags, inflatables, banners, etc will have to be ready to withstand any weather. This involves extra reinforcements in areas where winds gust and placement of more fragile areas of the set ups where the wind is blocked by a larger structure. While at the same time still make your set up functional and have a flow to direct your attendees where you want them to go.

Food and Drinks

As you can guess, people probably won’t be interested in an ice cream cone on a cold winter day. Plan for warm, heated foods and drinks like hot chocolate, cider, chilli, hot dogs/hamburgers on a bbq, but not food that is served hot and will sit out to get cold fast and not be appealing to your audience.

Another great idea is to find food/drink options that get your audience more engaged in the event. open wood oven pizzas draw people in, and maple syrup snow candy is always a Canadian classic.

winter events maple syrup snow candy

If you are interested in options for heaters, lighting and other accessories we carry click HERE to visit our accessories page. If you have any questions about winter events and how to make your set up a success our sales staff can help you by contacting us on our contact page HERE.



Winter Events, Are You Prepared?

Winter Events Popup Inflatable Set up

Nakisha Ski Resort VIP Area

Winter events are coming soon in Canada, some areas and most ski resorts have already had snowfall for over a week now. So the real question is, are you ready for your events this winter?

Whether you are setting up at a ski resort, local park, downtown or any location winter conditions make it a challenge in any situation.

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Weighing Down Your Canopies

The first question, is how are you going to weigh down your canopies? If you are on pavement, its an easy one. Your sand bags or concrete weights you used all summer are good to go! These can be used on hard snow surfaces as well. The real challenge is, how are you going to stake your tent down when setting up on snow? Your usual tent pegs won’t work as even the slightest wind will take them out and next thing you know your canopy is airborne! Which will wreck your tent you invested in to promote your brand as well as cause a safety hazard for the people at your event.

The best solution to this are what we call “snow cookies”. As shown in the photo below, they are a disk with a rope and loop to fasten your canopy to. The disk is buried about a foot under the snow and then iced into place. This method makes it as if each leg had hundreds of pounds of weight tying it down.

Winter Events Snow Cookie Popup Tent Canopy

Inflatables for Winter

Another thing to think about for winter events are inflatables! Have you ever set up your entire steel/aluminum frame pole tent then got asked to move it a few metres over? Well, it’s a pain. As the structure usually has to be taken down and rebuilt. With inflatables one person can easily push the entire set up across the snow.

winter events airtents inflatable arch nakiska ski cross

Click HERE to contact our staff to get more info on products or what’s best for your winter event.



Crankworx 2016 in Whistler B.C.

Crankworx Custom Bike Booths

Crankworx has been an annual tradition for LPTent since the company started in North America. With the majority of our staff previously involved in the bike industry or involved in riding on a regular basis we are always innovating ways to customize our pop up canopies and custom event gear to fit this industry.

pop up tent 10x20 shimano crankworx

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Shimano, Scott Bikes, YT Industries, Kranked, Pinkbike and many others in the bike industry at crankworx rely on us to help put together awesome set ups for these events that will exhibit their branding and draw in a crowd.

10x10 bike rack popup tent

As shown above is one of our inventions, the integrated bike rack that attaches and detaches to the frame itself, this makes for a great use of space in your booth especially when you have a large amount of bikes to exhibit. It also packs down small with your pop up tent.

10x20 pop up canopy custom tentcustom printed pop up canopy tent

The majority of crankworx attendees appreciate high quality products and are at the event to see the latest technology and innovations in bikes, and the exhibitors appreciate the same high quality when it comes to their booths. All the pop up tents we provided last year were our virgin aluminum with fibreglass connections giving you a step ahead in strength and weight compared to steel frames with plastic connections. This difference makes the frame able to withstand up to 95km winds when properly tied down and is most likely why these companies still have their pop up tents a year later without any issue in needing new frames or parts for this year.

All aluminum frames also have a 2-5 year service warranty.

If you would like more info on our pop up tents you can find all models listed on our home page HERE, or if you have any questions you can contact our knowledgable staff HERE.

Is your custom canopy set up ready for 2016?

With the amount of brands competing for visibility at events your custom canopy is a focal point of your brand to make you stand out, draw in a crowd as well as be memorable to the attendees of your event.

Custom Canopy Inflatables

inflatable custom canopy airtent spider dome

Subaru 10’x10′ inflatable canopy

Inflatable options are a great way to stand out from the rectangular usual canopies used for booths. There are inflatable airtents (as shown above), arches, totems and cubes that can all be branded to promote your company.

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There are also a variety of benefits with inflatables. An entire booth can be packed and fit into a carrying bag that fits in the trunk of a car or checked as luggage on a flight. It is easy to set up and take down with one or two people as you just lay the airtent frame out, attach the top and connect the pump, fill and close the valve. After that the structure requires no maintenance.

Custom Canopy Star Tents

custom canopy star tent sun canopy

LPTent Startent at Nakiska Ski Resort

Star tents are an underused custom canopy that has a large surface that is well seen for branding and graphics. As they are only available in large sizes (27′ & 36′) star tents are designed for events or festivals where you have a large space available.

These models are easy to set up with one to two people, as the only process required for set up is layout out the stakes, attaching the top canvas and erecting the pole to the required height to make the top canvas tight and proper looking.

Custom Canopy Full Digital Prints

custom canopy 10x20 full digital print pop up tent

Nova Scotia Power 10×20

Finally, everyone knows the 10×10 or 10×20 pop up canopy as the average event set up, but with full digital print the possibilities are endless to make your popup stand out. As shown in the image above, the top canvas and walls are fully printed to make their pop up look like a house to promote their heating system at trade shows.

If you are interested in possibilities for your event booth visit our contact us page HERE and one of our knowledgeable staff can provide you with options to fit your needs.


PopUp Canopy Fabrics

PopUp Canopy Fabrics


popup canopy, canopy tent, 10x10 canopy, custom canopy

10×10 Pop Up Canopy w/ Poly Top


Our polyester is a flexible and resistant Technitex 300g/sqm blend. It is composed of nylon polyester with a PVC coating on the outside making it completely waterproof. This material meets US/NFPA-701 and CAN/ULC-S109 fire rating standards for anywhere requiring this info and it is featured on a tag on the material.

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As seen in the photo above, the poly material gives a matte finish look and for custom print on the canopy or walls you have options of screen print for 1-3 colour logos or for complicated or images involving a variety of colours/gradients dye sublimation is available on white material involving either a full or partial sublimation.


popup canopy, pop up, canopy tent,

Inflatable Airtent 10×10 w/ PVC Top

Our PVC is flexible, resistant and meets US/NFPA-701 and CAN/ULC-S109 fire rating standards. It has an ultra violet treatment which ensures durability and makes it resistant to mold, salt damage or fading from sunlight. It is also 100% recyclable.

For the popup canopy PVC look, as it is more of a plastic material it gives off a bit of a shine in the sun like seen in the inflatable Airtent photo above. Printing on the PVC can be done with screen print on a coloured  fabric like the poly, or for complex images or ones featuring gradients or a variety of colours digital printing is used on white in a full or partial print.

When it comes to facing any weather the PVC is the way to go. As it is waterproof and fade proof it can survive winter to tropical climates and with its resistance to mold it is more likely to last years and still look fresh.

If you are interested in any more info on our materials or would like a quote on how much your logo would cost for print contact our staff HERE and someone will be happy to answer your questions.

NEW Inflatable Lounger by LPTent

Introducing Baggy Mc Bag the new inflatable lounger !

You have probably seen this inflatable lounger while browsing instagram, Facebook or any social media as it appears to be the next big thing in the promo world.

Inflatable Lounger Lay Bag

We have introduced this as a new product under LPTent and we named it Baggy Mc Bag !

The next thing you might be wondering is “can I get my logo on this inflatable lounger?” and the answer is yes, you can! We have made places to logo your inflatable on the pockets on the side of the lounger.

With summer coming up this makes a great way to promote your brand at concerts, beaches, festivals, street events, yards, basically anywhere outdoors! It goes great with a pop up tent or inflatable canopy to draw in a crowd and get them comfortable and engaged with your booth set up.

Make sure to check out the Facebook page HERE for photos and examples of this awesome promo item.


Canopy Tent – Weights/Stakes

You have just invested in a new canopy tent to promote your brand at events, and probably want to keep your investment in good condition and have it last a long time. Which means you will want to secure your shelter properly so it can withstand any weather.

All our frames come with a peg and rope kit. But depending on the type of ground and weather conditions you will be facing it would be smart to have the proper weights or stakes for the situation.

Canopy Tent – Canopy Stakes

Canopy Tent Stake Kit

Basic Peg and Rope Kit

Our peg and rope kit comes with every tent frame purchased. This kit works on grass or dirt surfaces and comes with deluxe black ropes with carabiners that can be used with any other weight purchased.

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Canopy Tent Heavy Duty Stake

Heavy Duty Stake

If you are going to be on grass or dirt in a high wind area the heavy duty stake is the best option for keeping your canopy grounded. This steel stake takes a sledge hammer to drive it into the ground and isn’t going anywhere.

Canopy Tent Anchor

Automatic Anchoring System

If you are planning on using your tent permanently or regularly on a concrete surface an anchoring system might be your best option. Fixing your canopy tent into the concrete there isn’t any ropes or weights needed it is staked directly into the ground through the feet.

Canopy Tent – Weights

Canopy Tent Simple Weight

Simple Weight

Our simple weight is a basic 33lb universal leg weight. It can be used alone in mild to medium wind or combined with other weights/stakes for extra stability.

Canopy Tent Pro Weight

Pro Weight

The pro weight allows your to join 4 canopy tents with one weight, also at 33lbs it also can be used on the corners integrated into the frame so no ropes are needed.

Canopy Tent Water Weight

Water Weight

Water weight bags are a great option, either water, sand or gravel can be used in this 45L bag and is heavy enough to make large canopies stationary.

Canopy Tent Weight Plate

Weight Plate

Airtent weight plates are used on the feet of inflatable canopy tents or arches. Combined with stakes or additional weights it is a great way to secure any inflatable.

For more info on any weights or accessories click HERE or visit our CONTACT page to contact one of our staff with any questions.

Star Tent – Easy Set Up & Big Impact

The Star tent is growing in popularity and an easy way to make your brand noticed at events, not only that they are super easy to set up and a 27′ or 39′ canopy with or two people in a matter of minutes.

star tent sun canopy starfull event red bull

27′ Star Tent at Nakisha, AB

Above shows a star tent set up for an event on the ski resort in the Canadian rockies. These models are a good option for any terrain or climate. For grass, snow or any surface able to drive stakes in the ground the Starfull stake kit is the best option, when used in an urban environment there are weight boxes that attach each connection to a steel box that is fillable with gravel and puts a couple hundred pounds of resistance at each connection.

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Star Tent Set Up by LPTent

Featured in the video above is one of our demo star tent models being set up showing  how easy it is even compared to a pop up tent or inflatable of the same size. If you were wondering how the feet get evenly spaced out this video answers that question. Each canopy comes with a kit where you place the centre pole and lay out each foot in triangles evenly spacing out the stakes. Then the top is laid out and the centre pole put together and slide under and put in place.

This tent also gives you a great surface for graphic print with 6 open surfaces you can logo and the possibility of full digital print or full dye sublimation making it a blank canvas to get creative with. The top canvas is available in a Polyester or PVC material depending on the look and climate you will be in.


If you are interested in more info on the star tent click HERE to view this models page.

Inflatable Furniture and Canopy Demo Gear

LP has new Inflatable Furniture and an Airtent for this years coming event season

Inflatable Furniture and 10x10 Airtent canopy pop up

10×10 Airtent w/ Full Dye Sublimation + Inflatable Furniture

If you went to EXHIBITORLIVE trade show in Las Vegas, NV this year you would have seen this set up released especially for that show.

Now with the upcoming event season keep an eye out for this set up of inflatable furniture and 10×10 inflatable Airtent at events in Alberta and across Canada. Here at LP we focus not only on innovation and providing the best product to withstand any conditions your event could face, but design and look are always important in our set ups as well.

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With a full dye sublimation print on the polyester top, full wall, awning as well as the lycra covers on the inflatable furniture a set up like this will not only stand out from other booths but draw attention from event goers to check out what is inside.

Inflatable Furniture easy up lycra dye sublimation

Inflatable Chair, Stool, Arm Chair and Sofa

Moving into 2016 we have new models of furniture released also, the arm chair and sofa models in the photo above are new and ready to get custom branding for events indoors and out.

For indoor use staking or weighing down the furniture is not necessary, but if you are looking to use your inflatables outdoors we make all models with straps that can be connected to weights or stakes so these inflatables can be used even in windy outdoor conditions for events.

With the ability to custom design any of these models with print, connect multiple canopies and add awnings you can create a stunning booth for trade shows or out door events at a relatively low cost and super easy to transport or ship as all these models deflate and package small enough to fit into the trunk of a car or checked as luggage on a flight.

If you would like more info check out our FURNITURE or AIRTENT CANOPY page, and you can always contact our sales staff if you have any questions.

NEW Portable Canopy Package

Last week LPTent Canada Joined the USA office to display our new portable canopy at EXHIBITORLIVE in Las Vegas, NV.

We have designed a new trolley for the inflatable air tent canopy that makes it easy to package, ship, transport and store all in one convenient wheeled bag. The video below shows the set up process from driving into the event to the finished 10×20 booth set up.

New Product Showcase – Portable Canopy Package

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This packaging and set up makes an entire set up fit in the trunk or back seat of a small car and roll through a busy event with one person to where the booth needs to be set up.

The portable canopy package includes a 10×10 inflatable airtent frame, PVC or Poly top, wall, awning material + frame as well as pumps needed as shown in the photo below.

portable booth inflatable 10x10

inflatable portable booth at EXHIBITORLIVE.

If you are interested in getting your own portable canopy package for the upcoming event season contact one of our sales staff from our CONTACT page and one of our sales staff will be glad to help you out.